ITO is now closed

VegaToken (VGA) can be purchased directly from us upon request. send us an email for details at

0.00000500VGA is life long membership

1. Wallet

You will need a Metamask Wallet to purchase, receive and hold VGA.

Download the Metamask Wallet as an extension  to Chrome Explorer:

*In Chrome top right click the three vetrical dots, popup hover 'more tools' and 'extensions'

*In the search field type 'Metamask' click to addon.

*Once you create it, logon and click on 'Tokens' tab and then 'Add Token', at the popup fill in the following:

VEGA Token contract address: 0x26b2b4952A10b1782827D339a02aEcb008Edb817

Token Symbol: VGA

Decimals: 8

VGA should now show under the Tokens tab in Metamask.

You can also use with your Metamask wallet for send and receive ETH/VGA.

Vega Token (VGA) can be stored on any wallet with ERC20 Token capacity like Ledger etc or  Enjin etc for Android and many others for other platforms.

2. Invest in your ease and returns

How many ETH  will you particiapte with?

You will need at least 500VGA satoshi or 0.00000500VGA = 0.5ETH held, for VGA software to function 100%

Send at least 0.512 ETH to your Metamask wallet for funding your VGA membership.

*In the Metamask Wallet window top right, click the 3 horizontal dots, copy address to clipboard, this is your Metamask ETH/VGA public address

4. Download QMS v01.0.0

Use the link below to download the QMSv01.0.0  (

Be aware that most QMS functions are free to use, to unlock your membership tools like PowerPlayTable creation/application, Esay coin/miner switch, free pools and miners (update), click to Join/Register button and fill in your details. Your VGA wallet address is required to unlock all the QMS functions. 

Your VGA wallet address is your life time membership, only User and Pass needed for all subsequent VGA Dev.

QMS will autocheck you wallet balance twice an day. This action is suspended for free use.

To make it Easier

If you want to purchase VGA directly, bypassing the safetynet of escrow that ForkDelta offers at a price/methodology,

Send ETH to the below address with an email to including Tx and your VGA address to receive the equivalent VGA.

Minimum Membership 500VGA satoshi (0.00000500VGA), at ITO = 0.5ETH

VEGA Community Pool ETH Wallet:


Your Trust in the VGA project is unquantifiable hence the only action of real value.

VGA on Open Markets

After the ITO period has closed VGA will be made available on the open centralised markets and continue to be traded on EtherDelta Decentralised market.

Consider that 0.5ETH at ITO ensures your life long membership. 

A minimum share hold of 500 from 2.100.000, giving you a voice as to what software you want developed next.

The Price of waiting to purchase VGA after ITO from the open markets is determined by market price discovery and not the VGA Dev. Team

VGA World First

VGA is the first tech developer/publisher to accept life long membership with a single electronic commit under the Ethereum Blockchain Ledger, which in turn is used to instantly approve use of VGA Dev. by the rightful Vega Token owner/member.