QMS on frontier edition


VGA is still testing so current method may change, check back for updates.

As we know getting 24kH on Sumo Heavy is not so straight forward, where only the new Adrenalin driver allows 22kH with little to no user preferred settings using the PPT and compute mode batch file floating around the net.

The VGA team has found a way to do this, in a  more versatile way using QMS v01.0.0 and the AMD Blockchain driver that allows full user settings including higher state calls and most importantly fan settings. (what you are used to by NTool and Wattman)

You will need to have unpacked both drivers used so as to install from Device Manager.

One Time Setup


How to install Blockchain driver on FE:

1. Disconnect all GPUs and DDU to shutdown, latest version: https://www.wagnardsoft.com/DDU/download/DDU%20v17.0.8.6.exe

2. Connect 1 GPU in main PCIe slot, power on

3. From Device Man. rightclick FE (update driver/have disk...) install Adrenalin Jan4 18.1.1, found here:


and shutdown

4. Connect all other GPUs, power on and wait 3-6 minutes, Device Man. check all FEs present with 18.1.1

5. Disable all but 1 GPU

6. On that 1 GPU (update driver/have disk...) to BC driver,  here:



8. Start QMS and prep your ppt or use the one supplied, adjust fan settings (not possible with Adrenalin), click Restart wait for all GPUs to have the values you set (few secs)

10. Start STAK miner from QMS wait 10seconds and Stop Stak from QMS

11. Repeat Step 10 until all GPUs read 0% Load.

12. Start Stak from QMS and enjoy the weeks running 2200H/s/GPU

Run QMS v01.0.0

Download QMS:


Unzip and Run as Administrator

Create your PowerPlayTable

Click on "Add" insert your values, name it and click ok.

Select all GPUs in bottom QMS monitor

Click Activate

Input your fan settings

Click Restart

Wait until GPUs are stable (top QMS monitor)

Gentlemen, start your miners!

The false starts, instructed above, are necessary to reset GPUs as after initial install they throttle to 100% Load, another AMD driver bug we will take care of with the upcoming VGA compute driver.

Be advised: in the unlikely event of FE rig forced restart, QMS cannot auto restart, and the initial setup procedure must be re-applied.

Again an AMD driver bug which we will take care of with the upcoming VGA compute driver.


Just by changing values in seconds and reseting with QMS we got a quick 2340h on Sumo heavy.

We are sure you can beat that....

Fair warning: both 22 & 24kH ppts run air cooled GPUs hot, so monitor first before leaving them unattended assuming stable ambient temps.

The 24kH ppt settings should not be used when ambient temp is above 22C max, to keep GPUs around the 60C mark.