VGA Philosophy


Mining is the blockchain. By now anyone in the mining sphere knows the dependency to reliable hardware and most importantly to driving software. GPU mining can be very profitable if the miner uses a correct mix of hardware, drivers, os, settings, tweaks, blockchain algo amongst others.

None, in the crypto mining shpere, suffer more from driver support  than AMD Radeon RX Vega Series owners, with buggy drivers, inadequate settings options, incompatible hardware and high energy use to name a few.


Via the issuance of an ERC20 Token henceforth called VEGA TOKEN (symbol VGA), we aspire to raise enough capital for employment of software engineers with competency in compute driver development for the AMD Radeon RX Vega Series as a start.

The initial project will not only be a test of community resolve to take driver and R&D matters into their own hands, but also offer an opportunity to adopters in staying  ahead of the curve concerning mining speeds and efficiency, whilst investing in the future worth of their equipment by keeping it competitive and current.


The perspective investor will register basic contact details including VEGA TOKEN (VGA) wallet public view address where the purchased tokens will be deposited. This address will become the investor/account identification number which will be imprinted on the software licence issued for use of developed software under the Vega Token sphere of activities. In other words each software/driver update will be licenced directly to each VGA wallet address holding a threshold of tokens at the moment of software release.

Developed software may come with FREE4ALL features for the non VGA to further enhance overall coin network hashrates and efficiency whilst converting lone non believers to take matters into their own hands like the rest of us.

New Software will be released at unannounced moments thus curbing speculative price fluctuations of the VEGA TOKEN (VGA), whilst being subject to quarterly framed roadmap stated obligations.

VGA will be openly traded on exchanges and have floating price.

Future Projects/Road Map

Open dialogue and voting amongst VGA holders will be the modus operandi in chosing future Vega specific developments, being completely cost/fee free to VGA holders which will include but not be limited to:

Continuing Driver/Software Updates

GUI VGA Wallet

Listing on Exchanges

Mining Related Peripheral Software

Vega specific Mining OS

Vega specific mining pools for Ethash and Cryptonight Coins in one easy centralised site

VGA Forum, Discord, Telegraph, Github, Bitcointalk, Twitter

GPU/Components Giveaway Raffle

Settings/Automation suggestions

Rig Monitoring and Remote Management 

Riging methodology and detailed schematics

Tech Support

Creation of new crypto coin, fashioned to be mined at peak efficiently using VGA community developed drivers/methodology

Creation of own trading platform for VGA, future sister coins/tokens, all Ethash and Cryptonight coins

Creation of an official Small to Medium size Crypto Miners Guild

Energy Efficient feedback Tech rig systems

VGA Token Data

Maximum Supply: 0.02100000 VGA

unit created at inception is fixed.

Symbol: VGA

Decimal: 8




ITO Price: 0.001 ETH to 0.00000001 VGA

Minimum Active Participation: 0.5 ETH = 0.00000500 VGA

ITO Height: 0.00735000 VGA 

number of VGA Token 'Satoshi' available for ITO

Hard Cap: 735 ETH

max raised capital towards project development at ITO

Product Development Holding: 0.00887250 VGA

To be used as payment for project employees

Dev Holding: 0.00477750 VGA

Held for Future Projects

Vega Token (VGA) Creation Tx:

Vega Token (VGA) Contract Address:

Vega Token Price

After the ITO period, VGA can be purchased only through the open markets so price may vary greatly from ITO price, as supply is limited and members will be reluctant in giving up their life long benefits